Stars using onion skin ink

This week we decided to have a go at using some of our kitchen waste to make ink using onion skins. The ink made a great yellow colour so we decided to paint as many different stars as we could think of!

Making the Ink

Yellow onions skins;
An old pan (you can’t use it for food afterwards);
Gum Arabic;
Gloves and an apron

Put the water, alum, salt, vinegar and onion skins into a old pan and boil for 30 minutes;
Allow to cool and then remove the skins from the pan using gloves;
Add the Gum Arabic to the liquor in pan and reheat until the Gum Arabic has dissolved;
Allow to cool and then pour into a jam jar.

Remember to wear your gloves, goggles and apron to protect yourself from the ink and other ingredients you use in making the ink and please don’t use the pan for food afterwards (just for more ink experiments – you can make ink from flowers, berries and lots of other plants).

Onion skins. Making the ink.

Painting the Stars

Paint brushes and
Onion skin ink.

Using the onion skin ink we made earlier we tried to think of as many different shapes of stars as we could and how we could draw them, we even had a go at drawing some constellations!


We also added some guar gum to the ink to make a paste so that we could have a go at screen printing with the ink.

I wonder how long the colour will last!