Homemade Paint – Cup and Ring Stones

The weather was really nice last week so we decided to do some art outside, for this we had a go at grinding our own paint from rocks and then we used this paint to make some patterns inspired by cup and ring carvings. These carvings date from the Neolithic and Bronze age and can be found carved into stones, mainly in northern England and Scotland although they can be found in other countries and locations.


  • Rocks that can be ground like sand stone;
  • PVA glue;
  • Paint pots;
  • Paint brushes;
  • Pestle and mortar;
  • White paper;
  • Images of cup and ring stones for pattern ideas.

Firstly we ground stones in a pestle and mortar and once made into a powder they were mixed with PVA glue in a paint pot. Then we had a look at some images of cup and ring stones and tried to recreate them on paper using our homemade paint. It was a great outdoor activity, messy and creative and a great chance to incorporate a bit of local history with art night.