Materials Required:

  • Paper
  • Various colours of paint
  • Image of a butterfly cut in half
  • pencils
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes

We decided that for Art Night we wanted to look at the patterns on butterfly wings, so we started by selecting a butterfly image that we all liked. We used a red admiral but any butterfly would work. Firstly we had a go at copying the patterns on the wing using pencil. For this we cut the image in half and glued it to our paper, then we copied that pattern from one side of the butterfly to the other.

The next activity was to make a mirror print of the butterfly. For this we got some small pieces of paper which we folded in half. On one half of the paper we used paint to make the patterns of the wing. You need to do this quickly so that the paint doesn’t dry. Then we folded the paper together  and squished it with our hands, so that the paint transferred over to the other piece of paper; then we opened up the paper to reveal our image!

Here are some more of the finished butterflies!