Kandinsky-inspired Mother’s Day Cards

I really love handmade cards and also love receiving them too as it feels like someone has made a special effort just for me. So this week for art night we made some Mother’s Day cards with artwork inspired from Wassily Kandinsky.

Materials Required:

For the cards we also used:

  • Glue sticks
  • Metallic paper
  • Green felt tip
  • Pink A4 card
  • Plain paper

For the painting, first we drew a grid onto a sheet of paper and filled it with painted circles. This was a great opportunity to talk about which colours remind you of various places, like the desert, the sea or even the North Pole! Can you guess which is which?







For the cards, the boys painted some circles on plain paper. Once they were dry, they cut them out and layered them up with circles cut from metallic paper, sticking them on using a glue-stick. Once the circles had been layered up, they turned them into flowers by adding a stalk and leaves!